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Striqta® Nano stretch film

Striqta® is a high-tech stretch film that can be used with the XTE-motion dispenser. It is an integral component of XTE-motion®’s patented total care solution for pallet hand wrapping.

Solution for optimal load stability

This solution consists of four components, providing everything necessary for ensuring optimal load stability when wrapping pallets. It includes fabrics, user-friendly tools, management information, and a full-service offering.   

Nano stretch film Striqta®

Striqta® is a high-tech stretch film that can be used with the XTE-motion dispenser. The dispenser stretches this film to its optimal point of elasticity and rigidity without tearing or breaking.

Dispenser XTE-motion®

The XTE-motion® is an electronically driven dispenser to pack pallets and to optimise the hand wrapping process. The motor driven system in the XTE-motion® takes the load of your hands.

Smart App

To make the use even more easy there is a smart app available with the dispenser. Operators can adjust personal settings via the app. In this way the app helps to wrap the pallet correctly for safe transport, based on the weight and load configuration of your pallets.


With this solution we also offer several services. We instruct your organisation on how to best use the solution. We offer technical support and free update service. We provide management data based on the information gathered in the app.


Over 40 years of experience in load securing and pallet stabilisation.

As the latest innovation in the line of smart and patented inventions by Pack Tools 2.0 BV, the XTE-motion® concept is the logical next step in our mission to take hand pallet wrap to a professional level.

Did you know that a good 45% of all stretch film is still applied by hand and in the old-fashioned way of holding a roll of stretch film in between four fingers and walking backwards around the pallet load, kneeling and bending, resulting in poor load stability and unhappy operators?

As of today, hand wrapping pallet loads can be fun and with guaranteed optimal load stability at minimal cost. No matter who does the wrapping or what the pallet load looks like, consistency is key. On top of that, your company’s CO2 footprint and TCO will be reduced… if that doesn’t make you sm!le…

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